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Fragen, die du an deine Gastfamilie stellen könntest - Englisch
Questions an au-pair might ask a family

Ask what the host family expects from you

How are the children, what are their characteristics? (calm, lively, wild...)

What are the favourite activities of the children, what do they like?

Have they already had an au pair? Did the children like her?

How do they educate the children?

What kind of housework you have to do?

What is my working schedule (Arbeitszeit/plan), How many hours do you expect me to work?

Do you have a curfew during the week/at the weekend (ob du abends zu einer bestimmten Zeit zuhause sein musst - unter der Woche/am Wochenende

Ask about the climate, and what types of cultural activities are available in the area.

Has the family ever had an au-pair before?
If so, have they had an au-pair from your county?

What type of area does the family live in?

What type of activities does the family participate in?
Are they active? What does the family do on weekends?
Do they like sports, movies, computers, etc?

Why has the family chosen to host an au-pair?

Are there other au-pairs in the area?

What type of clothes should you bring?

What type of jobs do the parents have?

Where do the parents work?

What is a typical day like for the family?

What are your typical working hours?

Will you be asked to prepare meals for the kids?

What type of food does the family eat?

Would the family like you to prepare meals from your country?

Are there specific recipes you can learn to cook before you arrive?

Discuss: driving, weather conditions, how often you will need to
drive. Will you be expected to drive the children to school and

How do the children feel about a new au-pair joining the family?

Did the family have a good relationship with the last au-pair?

Hier zum Üben ein paar weitere Fragen:

How many children do you have? How many boys and/or girls?

What ages are they?

What do the children like to do?

Do you allow then to watch TV or play TV games.

Do you allow the children to play on the computer?

What kind of programs do you let them see on the computer?

Are the children outgoing or a bit shy?

What are their favourite activities?

What are the children’s favourite meals?

Do you live in the suburbs?

What is the area like?

How far are you from the nearest bus stop, train station?

How far is the nearest large town?

Is there public transport if I don’t want to drive the car for my own use?

Are there lots of other aupairs in the area?

How far do you live from the nearest parks, shops, gym, library, moviehouse etc.?

What are your hobbies and interests?

Do you have pets? What are they? Will I have to help look after them?

What is your house like? Is it a double or single storey house?

Do you have a garden?

Will I have my own room?

Will I share a bathroom?

Will I be able to use the phone and the internet with due respect to your family?

Do you have any other help with house cleaning?

Have you had an aupair/mother’s help/nanny before?

Where did they come from?

What was the best and the worst part of having an aupair/mother’s help/nanny in your home?

Will I be going away on holiday with you?

Will I eat my meals with the children or with you?

What’s your family lifestyle?

Do you have a very busy social life?

Helpful Tips

Don't be afraid to ask too many questions.
Host families want to know that you are interested in their family, and are well informed on what life is
like as an au-pair. If there is something said that you don't understand, ask the family to repeat themselves, or to rephrase the question. Don't pretend that you have understood them. It is important that you understand all aspects of the phone conversation, or it could lead to problems once you arrive with the family.
Be open and honest with the level of your English language skills, or it could lead to serious problems once you arrive at your host family's home. If you feel that you are caught off guard and are too nervous to speak, ask the family if they would mind calling you back in
15-20 minutes, so that you can just take a few minutes to feel prepared and put your thoughts together.
It is important that you are calm and focused during the interview.

Reply to All Emails Sent to You by Host Families
- If a host family does not hear back from you, they often assume you are no
longer interested in the au pair program and move on to other candidates.
That being said, if you are interested in a host family write them back as
soon as possible.
- If you are not interested in speaking with the host family, reply by
thanking them for their interest in your application, but inform them that
you do not feel you are a good match for their family.
Be Available When the Host Family Calls
- If you and a host family have set up a time to speak over the phone,
please make sure you are available when they call.
- If you must cancel your phone interview, please be sure to notify the host
family by email.
Don't Be Shy During the Phone Interview

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