Sommer Au-pair 

Beginn der Schulferien, Termine

Zweite Juliwoche bis zweite Septemberwoche, viele Familie suchen aber schon ein Au-pair ab Mai oder Mitte/Ende Juni!

Frankreich, Paris und Umgebung 1. Juliwoche

Schools in canada start on the first Tuesday of September - so this year, it is September 5th
The children go to school from approximately (every school varies) 9 am to 3 pm.
School has a christmas break one week before christmas and one week after - so usually around December 22 to january 4th.
Families do not often have holidays in this time in canada.
Families only have 2 or 3 weeks holiday a year (some have more, but they all have at least this time).
School ends for the year on the last friday of June. (so summer holidays are July and August)

Ferienbeginn zwischen dem 7. und 20. Juni, Dauer 10 Wochen